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I have the honour and pleasure of having called Linda my friend and colleague for many years and have always been impressed by the level of her compassion, passion and professionalism. I have also been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of her talents as a very powerful healer. With the purest of intention Linda hold space for the highest outcome and with great accuracy and clarity of insight and vision has the rare ability to let go of attachment and with great respect allow spirit to work with her and through her for the highest possible outcome. ~ Ingrid Nazar

We've all probably seen the horrific hockey “knee on knee” collisions which usually leave the recipient in a crumpled heap on the ice….well, that's precisely what happened to my daughter, a 16 year old soccer striker, playing in a friendly game in preparation for the Provincial Championships. As her father and her coach, it was heartbreaking to see the tears on her face, tears of pain for sure, but also of the realization that her participation in the biggest tournament of her final U16 season was unlikely at best.

This happened on a Monday evening, four days prior to the first game of the tournament. When we arrived home after the game, her leg, just above her knee, was a big as my fist and the swelling was already restricting the movement of her entire leg. What to do, ice, heat, ice, heat, liniment…..hope and pray. Tuesday morning came, the swelling had spread over her entire thigh and she could not bend her knee, what to do….ice, heat….call Linda….YES! Call Linda!

So, to say calling Linda was a great idea is a huge understatement; Tuesday afternoon, Linda contacted my daughter by telephone, long distance, and had an in-depth discussion while working her magic, a term I use with respect for the amazing results she can achieve while our so called “professionals” cannot.

I arrived home later on Tuesday  to find my daughter in tears as she greeted me, tears of amazed bewilderment and incomprehension after her session with Linda. “Dad, she cried, look at my knee, it's half the size it was before I spoke with Linda! And I have movement too!” We stood there dumbfounded as we literally saw the healing happening in front of our disbelieving eyes, it was stunning to behold.
Wednesday, continued improvement, Thursday, more mobility, almost no swelling and, oddly, no bruising. Friday, her knee looked normal; she had full mobility, so we went to the tournament.

As I write this now I am still astounded that my girl participated in the Provincials, and she not only played all four games but finished fourth in scoring, including a hat-trick! An unbelievable performance, when, given her predicament and condition on Monday, her participation didn't look improbable, it looked absolutely impossible!

We cannot thank Linda enough; this was truly an astounding recovery, one that never would have occurred had we followed “traditional” medical options. I do not propose to claim that I understand what or how Linda does what she does. I can, however, claim that she is truly a gifted and talented healer and anyone who seeks her counsel will benefit beyond their expectations, far beyond.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Linda. ~ RJ & JL

Linda Carter is the epitome of a True Master of Healing with Love and Integrity.  Linda has been instrumental in navigating the challenges I have encountered over the last couple of years, and continue to support me as I evolve on my life journey.  Her absolute commitment for assisting you with your healing is what makes her so very special and unique.  I would highly recommend Linda if you want to start your life journey of Ease and Grace with a healer that you can trust.  I will forever be in awe and gratitude to Linda Carter. ~  Deanna Christiansen

I have been working with Linda Carter for the past few years on what I would call “my emotional baggage”.  As the mind is only a very small percentage of our body, our emotional body is alot larger and therefore capable of storing much more.  Positive memories and patterns, as well as negative memories and patterns.  Those emotions are stored within our cells. 

As events occur in our lives, it can be comforting to talk about things, to create an understanding on an intellectual  level, we air our events.   Releasing those emotions on a cellular level is much harder.  The greater the emotional impact, the harder it is to release.  Shamanic healing can help you not only release, but permanently heal those emotional events or patterns on a cellular level. 

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to clear so much of my emotional body through the help of Linda Carter.  She is a very gifted, loving soul who took a long journey to clear out her own emotional body.   Within her heart, I believe she truly enjoys assisting others in clearing theirs.  

I'm a private person, so there are very few people that I share my emotional thoughts with and from day 1 she is someone I felt very comfortable in doing so.  Truly there is no judgement on her part  and some of the challenges she shared in healing her emotional issues, have truly inspired me to continue to work through mine. 

When I think back a few years ago, how I felt  before I started working with Linda and look at myself today, I am a completely different person on the inside.   I am much more peaceful and relaxed within myself, having deleted so many self limiting patterns, I almost don't recognize the new me.  Changes within ourselves, in turn, can create changes on the outside. 

Emotions can be so limiting and it's what holds us all back from reaching our potential.  We are all pure souls beneath,  we only need to shed our emotional bodies to allow our light to shine through.  ~ Evelyn B., August 2013

"I've been working with Linda Carter since January 2009 - one day I asked the universe: "please bring me someone who I can work with to heal my body, my mind, and my spirit!" and the universe brought me Wonder Woman!  I felt her healing energy come through the phone and that's why I decided to make my first appointment with her - she's helped me reach new heights by releasing all the old junk I was carrying, and helping me heal all my wounds.  Definitely still a work in progress, but Linda's assistance is taking me there faster than I ever could have on my own.  Thank you Linda, and than you universe!"
~ Paul Galloro, Yoga Teacher and Angel Card Reader

Linda Carter is a gifted, humbled Healer who comes from the heart. Her healing touch is gentle and yet, holds ample strength and light. My healing sessions with Linda Carter have greatly enhanced my spiritual growth and development. I am so grateful and fortunate for my healings received, courtesy of Linda Carter; one who cares and comes from a place of unconditional love. Her intuitive messages further assist me on the path towards greater ascendancy. Blessings to a most dedicated Lightworker. ~ Domenic Rotolo, Artist & Writer

I initially went to see Linda for a healing - feeling a little bit of trepidation - as I did not fully understand the healing ways of a Shaman, let alone what it could do for me personally.

We all have a story something or things that have happened to us that have impacted our lives.  A healing with Linda is not about delving into the “story”. It is about getting to the root problem, a feeling you may have - something that is holding you back from being your best self.  Linda does not need to hear the story, she is able to see beyond that and with her gentle ministrations she enables you to release the blockages, and heal the old wounds.

My experiences with healings have been nothing but life changing.  I come away from them feeling refreshed, enlightened and more like who I am meant to be, the person who had been hidden away under the guise of a layer of protection is released.

If you are feeling lost, out of touch with yourself, tired of having the same challenges repeat themselves in your life or are just sick of feeling the way you do, I highly recommend that you step away from your self-imposed barriers and take a step towards healing your past and getting on with the life you are meant to live.  Linda's healings will take you to the place you are meant to be.~ S.F.

I took my two and a half year old son Lucas to see Linda because he had open heart surgery due to three congenital heart defects. Lucas was not verbally communicating much and seemed traumatized. After seeing Linda I noticed an immediate change and improvement in Lucas. He was happier, more relaxed and was talking more than he ever did! Thanks Linda.
Love and Light, ~ Claudine and Lucas,  Markham, ON   Aug. 2007

You did a “miracle” with Martin. Lately, he even says he feels so good that he hasn't felt like this since he's been sick (depression) 2 years ago. Everybody is so happy; his digestion has improved too. ~ Diane G.  Fredericton, N.B., Sept. 2010

Linda re-ignites the flame of your Spirit! She is “Supercharged Spirit Fuel”…when you are out of gas.

Whether you like it or not, we are physically attached to the Whole. When you only have just that one last inkling of faith or hope….when you're thinking, ”Is there really a God?”…there she is…waiting to be found and excitedly ready to heal your Spirit.

She's an Angel. She is the true Essence of Spirit!

When you're just about ready to Fall to you Knees - there she is touching your invisible wings, spreading them out for you, teaching you, not just to fly, but to Soar!

The shackles and the chains of bandage from the spiritual prison of the Void, the Unknown, the Black Hole, the Depths of Despair have finally been lifted after 50 years and I have become a Goddess of Spirit once again. ~Mary DiNorcia, Earth Angel     April 2011

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