Descriptions of Healing Sessions

A Journey
To Journey I enter into a Shamanic Trance or altered state of consciousness to meaningfully interact with the Divine Aspects of who you are, to  understand ourselves, learn, and heal.

There are Journeys to, Identify and Heal Core Issues, Retrieve Lost Soul Parts, Heal Self-Sabotage, Retrieve your Power, Heal Karma or Past Lives; Meet your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Animal Totems, Find your Destiny, and much more.

Most of the Ceremonies can be performed remotely /from a distance or via a phone connection with you.

An Energy Healing Session
Algonquin healing energy is used to help repair, strengthen and rebalance the energy fields and chakra system, usually with a focus on a particular life issue of the client.

This is often the first healing session suggested to a new client. Some energy healing is also blended into other healing services.

Chakra Cleansing / Re-balancing and Aura Repair
This healing session focuses directly on the chakra system and auric field or energy body. Non-beneficial energy can accumulate in the chakras causing disharmony within the system and the physical body. Chakra functioning affects the mental, emotional and biological functioning. The auric field at times develops holes and/or tears that are repaired. This healing energizes and creates a calming sensation for you.

Some negative emotions and lifetime wounding can become a form that is stuck in the energy field. These may be hardened energy forms which block optimum energy field function. They may be in a form that seems to have partial control over the behaviour patterns, called an Entity. Algonquin healing can gently remove and heal these energy forms through an extraction ceremony.

Power Retrieval
Hurtful inter-actions with people or hurtful life events can be stored as sub-conscious wounds that leave us feeling and acting without power in life. This healing journey takes you to the sub-conscious. There, wounding events are gently revealed and healed. A new life agreement is formed. Life power is regained.

Undoing Sorcery and Clearing Curses (undoing abuse of power towards the client)
Sorcery is an abuse of power. Present and past inter-actions with people who foster negativity, envy, jealousy and otherwise direct controlling behaviour to others can create a wounded  life reality for a person. We may place habitual addictive thought patterns on ourselves. This may be a known reality for the person or a reality they live but are not aware of. This reality is healed.

Totem (or Power) Animal Retrieval
Totem animals walk with us through our life journey imparting energies and wisdom teachings. Each person has a unique relationship with his/her totem animal. Through a shamanic journey, the totem animal will be revealed and a mutual conscious relationship will begin.

Bands of Protection
It often serves us to have medicine bands of protection installed in our energy field. These extra bands of energy surround the body and serve to protect you.

Past Life Healing Journeys
Traumatic past life (whether past in this lifetime or others) events may carry forward contributing to non-beneficial present life patterns. You are guided through a special Algonquin healing journey landscape, in your own personal journey to uncover and to heal past life events.

Destiny Retrieval
The client is guided, through a special Algonquin healing journey landscape in their own personal journey to uncover aspects of their probable destiny. In that healing journey state your personal future can be shaped to a preferred outcome.

Ancestral Healing
Yes, we carry the traits and issues of our Ancestors. During this ceremony we travel through your Ancestral line to resolve and heal an issue.  Through this we clear the issue for the future generations. 

Shamanic Healing Transcends Linear Time

Energetic Clearing of Homes and Property
In a house and/or on a property, there can be earth energies which are a block to the intended use of a specific location. Traumatic life events of the past can leave an energetic imprint that continues to exist until healed. Locations where cold energies are perceived, where occupants feel uncomfortable, where electrical, water or other services seem unexplainably dysfunctional...all these may have non-beneficial energetic imprints.

I approach the issues gently to heal and clear non-beneficial energies. I've seen babies sleep through the night, family members stop quarreling and plants thrive in response to a house clearing.

End of Life Review and Spiritual Transitions
As the biological body approaches the end of its life, there is opportunity to help birth the spirit back into the spirit realm. A number of healing ceremonies can help facilitate a positive, uplifting transition. These ceremonies prepare the person for transition back “home,” help them through the dying process and provide guidance for the soul to journey to the Ancestors.

Butterfly Healing
During this ceremony I travel to find the first time the issue or wound was birthed and heal that time.

Interconnected Healing
In Shamanic Reality I am working with a person's, animal's or property's energetic field and therefore I do not need to be in their presence. Healing services done at a distance are fully effective.

Animal Healing Sessions
There are many issues that pets experience such as: anxiety, depression, their rescue, and their human's emotional and physical states. Because of the human-pet bond, pets may develop the same issues as their owners. An animal healing that clears and balances their chakras and energy field can be helpful in a wide range of physical and psychological conditions.

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