Preparing for Your Session of Healing and Transformation

Once you've made your appointment with me the energy has started!

Set aside enough time in your day to nurture yourself after the session has ended.

Come with the intention to heal and be open to receive beautiful loving energy.
Please understand that everything respected and  kept confidential.

As a licensed Spiritual Health Coach I integrate coaching in the session if needed.
Anything can be shifted and healed whether the issue is physical, emotional , mental or spiritual.

Trust the process and relax!

Drink plenty of water after you leave and take the time to honour yourself with a luxurious 20 minute Sea Salt soak.

Remember the importance of the BREATH. Breathing is essential for life-force energy to flow. Become conscious of your breathing.

Healing is subtle at times and may take 7 to 10 days for the energies to integrate fully.
There could be a time when you are clearing so much that nausea or fatigue could be present. This is normal and just means you need to be gentle with yourself.

Spending time in nature is always of great benefit as the plants offer so much to us as we heal and integrate the energies.

Most importantly LOVE YOURSELF!

I do not offer medical or psychological consultation. Please consult your doctor or mental health professional for those services.

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