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Healing Sessions or Consultations are 45 minutes to 1 hour.  
Your investment is $127.00 CDN

Discount Packages are available:                                          
6 - 1 hour sessions $700
12 - 1 hour sessions $1330

     "Life begins where fear ends." ~ Osho
Linda's Services ~
Linda enjoys assisting you as you find the WONDERFUL YOU!

It is important to understand that modern quantum science has revealed the mind/body connection and the energy field/mind/body interrelationship. We are all interconnected in this universe.

In Medicine for the Earth, the author Sandra Ingerman shares a formula for a spiritual practice called “transmutation”.  According to Sandra, “this ancient practice is about learning how to merge with our own divinity to change what the alchemists call, heavy leaded consciousness into gold, light consciousness”.

Transmuting anything that doesn't serve us creates a perceived lightness within us.
Some results YOU may experience include the following:

            o clearing the energy blocks, cellular memory, heavy or hardened energies that have contributed to a                                 physical condition or a blocking, clearing an emotional condition
            o healing wounded stories that lie within you ... stories formed from past negative experiences
            o letting go of anger, guilt, fear, anxiety, excess stress, worry, resentment
            o reclaiming personal power you gave away
            o retrieving your destiny line ... the work which will provide the greatest good and service
            o retrieving your power totem animal
            o feeling energetically strong and protected in all you do
            o moving progressively from a wounded state to a state of developing joy
            o receiving Bands of Protection
A momentary peak into a session with Linda
Through a brief chat we track to discover what your issue is about and decide where we'll go without immersing ourselves in a particular story. 

We will get to the root cause and engage energy healing, and/ or journeying. 

Charka and Aura clearing and Repair, Energy Healing, Spirit Journeys and Hands on Healing are offered in a Healing Session. Every situation is unique.

With hands lightly touching the body and gently moving throughout the Auric field many benefits occur from relaxation and calmness, immune system enhancement and healing.

Bringing forth Great Fire Energy and Plant Medicine through Shamanic practices; and through engaging Shamanic Reiki, Angelic Healing and Spiritual Healing a healed outcome is experienced.

A Healing takes Place with Ease and Grace !
I will only be of service for healings with informed consent of the person participating in the session or the informed consent of the person who's place or object is being cleared.  I provide services as professional business arrangements with the fees and arrangements understood and established by the clients.  This is an energetic exchange between us. 
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