The Healing Powers of Sacred Objects and Medicines


I met my Sacred Drum in British Columbia and immediately felt the sacred journey we were to embark upon as ONE. 

As I hold my drum I drop down into my cellular memory and remember all of the
lifetimes I walked with my companion.  It truly becomes a part of me as I awaken
and hear many songs and tones that rest within me come through. My energy
increases as my true spirit rises within me and becomes one with the drum. The
memories and feelings inherent within are embraced by me in a pure state of gratitude and remembering how my drum assisted me and so many others on their journeys. It is with reverence and peace within my heart that I become ONE with my drum as we celebrate the Oneness of all life. It allows me to embrace the true essence of me.

Medicine Bag

I have always loved the feel of leather with its strength and ability to endure all conditions. It wasn't until I was given a beautiful piece of deerskin that I decided to create a bag to hold my medicines.

Guided by Spirit I worked with the beautiful texture and suppleness of the skin honouring the deer that offered itself. I felt such a sense of joy and accomplishment as I experienced the making of this bag and adorning it with lovely fur, feathers and beads.  My Medicine Bag became the holder of my medicines of tobacco, sage, cedar and sweet grass. We have travelled across Canada and into the southwestern United States together offering gratitude and ceremony as I've journeyed on our Mother Earth. We've visited the mountains, deserts, waters and red rocks together. 

Dream catcher

It's amazing to feel the healing powers of Sacred Objects and Medicines!

As I was drawn in the direction of a booth at a local Pow Wow I came close to a beautiful hand-crafted Dream-catcher. This dream-catcher hung with its Snowy Owl feathers swaying gracefully in the summer breeze. The longer I stood by I knew I was to have it. I felt overwhelmed as tears surfaced and filled my eyes ~ I was receiving a healing from Snowy Owl. 

My dream-catcher hangs in a protected window space and every time I touched it over a period of a few months I would release tears and be filled with the most beautiful feelings of love. That was Owl Medicine.
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