A Blending of Shamanic and Angelic Healing

A Shaman or Medicine Man/Woman comes in every size, shape, and colour. A Shaman comes from all and any part of the globe: north, south, east or west; from places such as: Siberia, Australia, Britain, Europe, The Americas.

I always thought a Shaman was of Native Indian descent or South American. When I was first introduced to Shamanism it was through an Irish Shaman, a man with white skin. Therefore, when I first met Pete Bernard I felt an awakening within my being, that allowed and reminded me of ancient traditions and healing ways that lay asleep in my DNA.  I was comfortable in embracing these Ancient Healing Ways and Traditions to bring them to those awaiting their healing and growth.  It is with reverence and gratitude that I embarked upon the journey I have chosen and awakened to. 

I had a dream one early morning just prior to waking.  I don’t often remember my dreams unless they are delivering profound teachings or messages.  I will never forget the beauty, the peace and the love that emanated from this Being of Light known as Archangel Michael.  He spoke to me with compassion, humour and directly aligned me with the Angelic Realm.

It is with a humble gratitude that I bring to you a blending of Shamanic and Angelic healing.

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