A Story of Animal Healing - Hannah's Story

written by Hannah's human




My dear friend Linda,

With your connectedness and ability to tap into energies and messages, you know better than me what blessings and gifts Hannah received from your being in her life, in our lives. But I can say from my own personal experience, that I believe that because you were part of our lives for so many years, in particular, part of Hannah's journey, that not only was Hannah's final days easier for her, but for us as well. But it wasn't just Hannah's last days.

You were there over the years when she was struggling emotionally and physically. Being with you brought Hannah comfort. I like to think that she felt protected and less fearful when you were near.

Oh I know she loved us beyond words, but she just knew that you were able to see much more than we were ready to see. When you came over two days before she passed, she knew that her time to leave was getting close. I remember watching her frail, little body walk near you and stopping when you got down on the floor beside her. I felt that she was pausing, almost leaning in, to hear you say that it was okay to leave us now, that her Mom and Dad were going to be okay. I can almost hear you promising her that you'd make sure that we knew how much she loved us and how grateful she was to us for giving her such a sweet life.

Anyone who knows you Linda, knows how deep your love for animals goes and Hannah was blessed to not only be loved by you, but to have had you in her life for so many years. We all are.

When you told us that Hannah didn't want us to take her to the vets when her time was nigh to leave and that she wanted to die at home with us, at first we were overwhelmed with fear. We weren't sure that we were going to be strong enough to just allow her to leave when she was ready. We weren't sure we could let her go without fighting to save her, but both you and Hannah were able to belay that fear - at least put the fear away so we could focus on honouring Hannah's wishes.

And when her time came, just two days after you visited us, we somehow found the strength to just be there for her. I say somehow found the strength, but the somehow - someone was you. Even though Jeff and I were all alone with Hannah, I knew that you were there beside us talking to Hannah, easing her fears and filling her heart with peace, telling her that it was all right for her to go.

Her passing, although still so painful to us, was truly a beautiful experience. One moment she was breathing. One moment her heart was beating. And the next moment there was no breath, no heart beat. But there was this overwhelming feeling of relief and through our tears we just knew that she was now freed from her sickly body.

I could hear you whispering in my heart that Hannah was free now and that she was looking back at us with such a love and such gratefulness and that that love would be with us forever. Hannah, Jeff and I are forever grateful for your love and devotion all these years. I say devoted because we KNEW there were countless times when you were tapping into Hannah's needs and you didn't tell us. What a blessing you are in our lives.

Thank you beautiful spirit.

Love Shere, Jeff & Hannah

P.S. I could write a whole chapter on the gifts you've given us... and I'm sure I shall when I write Hannah's Story Book Three!  I had no idea what I was going to write today, but when I started typing, I couldn't stop... and

the tears flowed...

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