Animal Healing

I have often been given the opportunities to sit in presence with many of Creator's creatures both large and small who have willingly received healing through me. It's always fun to see the reactions of dogs, cats and horses when they've received enough energy for their needs and wander off in a more healed state of being.

The precious 4 legged and winged creatures that either live with you and your family or are in an adoption/rescue centre readily accept healing energies that are offered to them. Past traumas and energies present in their environments affect them deeply and are easily and gently cleared.

I always remember visiting a farm that kept four young, beautiful, frisky Arabian horses. The caregiver told me the horses never came to the fence to visit with her. As she and I stood together chatting about them I was thrilled to see these four excited beauties come up over the hill and race towards us. They had sensed the energy present for them.

Just as we carry issues and wounding within us so do our furry friends. In fact, they carry many of our issues and ailments too. Time and again we see the animals expressing our physical and emotional states. Animals are also very receptive to the healing benefits of flower essences, sacred geometry, homeopathy and lots of love.

As I was completing this piece of writing I heard a loud thump on the upper window as a bird had flown into it mistaking the reflections of the trees for the trees. I ventured outside to see a Robin lying motionless on the patio. I approached (admittedly somewhat fearful of the possible sudden flapping of wings) slowly. Its eye looked at me pleadingly as I got near and at that point I activated my Great Fire medicine and directed it to the bird. Within several minutes it began to move its body and readjust itself only to slowly stand and move around. Here was another happy recipient of healing!


Our Beautiful Boy, Kenzie loves to receive energies of healing regularly. When he is unusually quiet or behaving in an anxious manner I know he needs an aura/chakra repair and clearing. There is always evidence that healing has taken place by his higher energetic state and happiness. A happy guy is a healthy guy!

Kenzie loves healing so much that he ambles into my healing room whenever I am doing a healing whether it's an in person session or distance healing.  And he offers his own healing to all who visit!

He loves to give love and receive love. I feel through this he often opens people's hearts to their giving and receiving love.

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