As Above So Below ~ As Within So Without

This is a Spiritual Law of the Universe. 

I have been aware of this often in my life and those of many around me.

The Universe rearranges energy to match whatever you're feeling inside!

If you're feeling happy and grateful you will be surrounded by happy people or situations that bring joy and abundance. If you're surrounded by angry people and situations then look within to see the where anger sits in you.

As within, so without.

If you're feeling chaos within your being I'm sure your life is chaotic too- with things just not working out.   Once we look at our lives we can identify the emotions and feelings within and get to work to either heal the issues creating the feelings or search to find the underlying emotions.

The emotions may be conscious or subconscious and hidden from this you in this lifetime. They can easily be healed allowing for change!

Have you noticed how great you feel when you've simply de-cluttered areas of your home or your car?

Your inner world creates your outer world….it is time to be aware!!!

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