Meet Linda

Linda is an energy healer, living and offering sessions in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, along with distance phone sessions worldwide.

Having taught elementary school for 33 years, upon retirement in 2002 Linda journeyed into energy healing, becoming a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Health Coach.  And, later meeting an Algonquin Shaman (Medicine Man) she continued on her own journey of self healing.Through many sessions of healing  she began to awaken and participate fully in this experience called LIFE.

A healing session with Linda is a unique experience as she intuitively uses her innate intuitive knowledge to best serve your needs through Shamanic and/or Angelic Healing and Shamanic Reiki and Qi Gong.

Linda's Story

I was born to parents who were very loving and supportive in all ways to me. My family lived in many different parts of our country from the west coast through to the east as well as Europe and England. I tell you this because of the impact it had on my formative years. It was difficult being new to many schools  (usually  a change every 2 or 3 years). The experiences that accompanied these changes formed my character, insecurities and fears. There were many wonderful memories created too!

Throughout my life it was expected that I be the perfect child: quiet, well behaved and always doing what was right. I grew up hearing the phrase, “what will people think?”  This became instilled in my unconscious mind and later dictated the events of my life and the choices I made.

I felt everything I said or did had to be perfect and I developed a quiet persona as I wore a mask of happiness and accepted that my nervousness was a normal way of feeling.  My lack of self-confidence and need to please everyone were internalized and what appeared to be the confident, fun loving me became emotionally depressed and physically ill.

From these experiences I formed a love of helping children overcome some of life's challenges and embraced the teaching profession for 33 years. I soon realized how the early years of one's life forms us and unknowingly offered the many children entrusted to my care over those years what they needed ~ a kind loving smile, compassion, time to listen, safety and fun. I retired in a happy grateful state of being and was ready to embark on the next wonderful and exciting part of my journey.
Through my later healing journey I saw my ever present anxiety was passed to me from my loving mother (due to her circumstances she was anxious as she carried me).

I so wanted to love myself and at that point of realization I began my journey of healing my life.
I feel it was Divine Timing that I was introduced to energy healing. 

In 2002 I became a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Health Coach.  Later I met Peter Bernard - an Algonquin Shaman (Medicine Man) from the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation in Golden Lake, Ontario, Canada.

This was perfect timing as I was keen to fully embrace my journey. Through many sessions of healing with Pete I began to wake up and participate fully in this experience called life. I felt joy as I began to love myself and my spirit feeling ONE with the Universe and all Life.

Recognizing the power we all have within us I decided to study with Pete and through this realization that anything can be healed I knew, I truly wanted to be of service to others, so they too, would be able to enjoy a new life of fulfillment and love of self as I have. 

I offer whatever I intuitively feel is going to best serve your needs through Shamanic and/or Angelic healing and Shamanic Reiki and Qi Gong.

I love all of you for who you are and am compassionate towards your circumstances and life's journey. I sit in presence to work with you to help facilitate a healed outcome at all times.

Having a special bond with animals and our beautiful Mother Earth - Gaia.  All life is honoured.
“You are safe with me.  I will stand compassionately by your side as we journey together into the depths of your fullest potential.  You are free to be yourself, express your feelings, recount memories and allow the healing, awakening and clarity to unfold. As your trusted guide, I will usher you through a transformational journey that will empower you in all aspects of your life.

Your journey with me will be to find the love that is within yourself.  You begin living with inner peace and harmony, as I teach you this Ancient Way of Healing.

It is up to you to decide how well you wish to be. I see you as a whole perfect being.  It is so exciting to witness the process of change!! 

We all hold our own stories as well as our Ancestor's stories, memories and issues that sit in our unconscious, subconscious and super-conscious minds, cellular structures and energy bodies.
Knowing all can be healed is so exciting and rejuvenating!!!  I will give you “tools” to take away with you that will enable you to take care of your beautiful self.

We must remember that it took a long time for dis-ease to develop and we must be patient with the process on the journey to a healed outcome. It takes time and dedication as we work together to find the issue that is presented and uncover the past issue or life's patterns that contributed to the discomforts within.

Join me in Shamanic and Angelic Healing  of  YOUR ~Body ~Mind ~Spirit,
as we walk together on your path to well-being.

Medicine Work is a Way of Life!

Live YOUR Beautiful Life !

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